Guest Information

Dress Code & Etiquette

Dress Code

Clubhouse:  Appropriate attire is expected of all members and their guests. Denim is not permitted, except for at the shooting grounds. Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats when they enter the Men's Grill and clubhouse, and shirts should be tucked in.

Dining Facilities:  Proper golf, tennis, or other casual attire is permitted. Casual attire for men is defined as collared shirts, tucked in, and slacks or Bermuda-type shorts. Turtleneck and mock turtleneck shirts are acceptable. Comparable attire is required for females. Halter and strapless tops are not permitted.  Swim attire is not permitted when dining in the clubhouse or Men's Grill. 

Golf:  Golf attire should be neat, tailored, and consistent with the standards of the club.  On the golf course and practice areas, proper golf-specific attire is required at all times.  Proper attire includes golf shirts with sleeves, turtleneck and mock turtleneck shirts, golf slacks, or Bermuda-type shorts. Shoes must be of the soft spike variety. Sandals are not permitted on the course or practice areas. We ask that members and guests do not change shoes in the parking lots.

Ladies:   Halter tops, strapless tops, jogging shorts, and tank tops are inappropriate.  Collarless and sleeveless shirts designed to be worn outside the pants are appropriate. Bermuda shorts and skirts that are less than four inches above the knee are appropriate.

Smoking Policy

The Longue Vue clubhouse is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is permitted at the shooting lodge and in the Men's Grill after 3:00 p.m.  While tobacco products are permitted on the golf course and in the parking lots, respectful consideration of members and guests is required.

Cell Phone Policy

In order to preserve the tranquility of the club and sporting venues, cell phones must be set to silent or vibrate.  Within the clubhouse, cell phones may be used in the locker rooms as well as the pool area and shooting grounds.  When using any electronic device at Longue Vue, members and guests are expected to be discreet and courteous to others.

Pace of Play

Observing certain courtesies on the course will add to the pleasure of others.  Some of the most important rules are:

  1.  Four hours and 15 minutes is recommended for a group of four players.
  2.  Golfers are encouraged to keep pace with the group ahead, and invite faster players to play through when there is a clear hole ahead.
  3.  Groups, with permission, may only cut in when there is a hole and a half open behind them.
  4.  Protect the beauty of the course, please replace all divot holes and ball marks.